Hub of Digital Creativity

"Communication is a fact – making films is art"

Translating your needs into a visual is complex and requires full dedication and mastering.
HDCprod gather communication professionals to create your story … each adventure deserves its testimony.

What do we do

We create commercials, corporate and event movies and reportage … each product has its own format. We always look after advising our partners according to our experience.

We master each cinema technique to serve your communication: films, photos, animations, 3DFX and drone…

All contents are produced internally, with only one project manager which will be the architect of your image and will lead your craftsmen team.

We compose your original soundtrack, jingle and your audio signatures. We record and coach your voices over in a professional studio.

We listen … if your story needs to be told, we need to understand it. We write your testimony together.

We elaborate a tailored strategy so that your communication is not a message in a bottle. According to your needs and means, we’ll suggest recommendations which you’ll follow … as you wish.

All our films are designed to be adapted on every media support (fixed or animated). We advise you on the multiple diffusion possibilities

We also create your logos and animations, your graphic artwork, visual identity and graphic chart. Social Networking Sites are our friends, as well as websites.

We can be a bit crazy … but isn’t your adventure as well? We can be magicians … but no miracle workers.

Tellement fier d'annoncer le lancement de ce clip vidéo produit et édité par HDCProd : SAULE - Avant qu'il ne soit trop tard (feat. Cali)

Merci de nous faire confiance les gars !

"Avant qu'il ne soit trop tard" feat. Cali est extrait de l'album Dare-Dare maintenant disponible

Réalisé par Pascal Gilmont

Regarder sur Youtube


Day OFF'S SINCE 2015

CUPS OF COFFEE (we bought Columbia)


Latest News

Shooting of a film for the educational farm “Le Coquelicot”. Animals as movie stars
Brand new video clip of the band Colt in process … somewhere in Brussels, end of the day
Preparation of the teaser for the DARIOMARS’ album release